It’s time you had a two-week vacation in one of the biggest countries in the world. Just remember, there’s no time to waste if you want the best experience. With proper planning, you’ll certainly have the best experience of the country’s delicious food and wine, coastal lifestyle and the wonderful wildlife.  Australia is one of the world’s great travel destinations, characterized by vast wilderness, an immense diversity of climates and cultures as well as a wonderful terrain to explore. A vacation to this country will be an unforgettable experience. Here’s how to enjoy your two-week vacation in Australia.

Start your vacation trip in Sydney

Of course, you’ll step off the plane in the greatest colonial metropolis in the southern hemisphere. There’s no need to hurry. Start by following the example of early colonists and hang around in Sydney. This colonial metropolis features iconic structures such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. It’s an icon itself. Despite the fact that Sydney was originally established as a penal colony, the city has much to offer. From the Sydney SEALIFE Aquarium and famous beaches such as Manly Beach to one of the world’s largest natural harbors, there’s much to explore.

Time to go Stretching out on the Gold Coast

Sydney is just a place to get you started. Head to Australia’s east coast hill chill city where you’ll have the best nightlife experience. The Gold Coast is one of the alive cities in Australia. Here, travelers can balance the sky-scraping skyline and the fast-paced nightlife with the wonderful beaches and the exciting wild rainforest. If you’ve never spent time on a secluded beach, this is the place to be. The town offers the best coastal life you can ever have. You can surf, swim and explore the vast terrain of forest-covered hills on the island of this destination.

Get to Brisbane, one of the country’s most desirable cities

Towards the north of the Gold Coast is Brisbane, a city that offers travelers an opportunity to see life unfolding on the streets and not behind closed doors. Brisbane is just a couple of hours drive from the Gold Coast. You’ll explore some of the unique local fauna at Australia’s best zoos. From kangaroos, platypuses, and koalas to Tasmanian Devils, you’ll have more to see at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Did you even know there are outdoor gardens and exciting beaches to enjoy here? Furthermore, you’ll leave this place with a birds-eye perspective on the country’s mid-coast capital.

Experience the natural beauty of Fraser Island and Whitsunday Islands

Probably you’ve just been hearing about the Fraser Island and you’ve been wondering how it looks like. Well, it’s now time you explored the largest sand island in the world. The Fraser Island features freshwater lakes, soft sand beaches, colored cliffs and other unique features. It’s a place of phenomenal natural beauty. You also don’t want to end your vacation before getting to the Whitsundays, an archipelago of seventy-four islands off the country’s east coast. This is another world full of natural beauty that has memorable sights.

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